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The Author

Roland A. Boucher Irvine CA

Education, BS, Electrical Engineering University of CT. 1954,  MS Yale University 1955

California Professional, Engineer #6094, Inducted into Model Aviation Hall of Fame

After graduation from Yale, Mr. Boucher joined the Hughes Aircraft Company in California where he was engaged in the design of satellites for communication, navigation and weather observation.

Mr Boucher developed an improved satellite camera to display real time weather photographs.

He demonstrated the feasibility of communicating directly from a satellite to aircraft using a modified aircraft radio and managed the development of the spacecraft communications equipment for the NASA

Advanced Technology Satellites. Mr Boucher was a member of the 1969 United States delegation to the first CCIR conference in Geneva to select frequency authorization for satellite communication.

In 1973, he left the employment of Hughes Aircraft Company to form a company devoted to the development of a high altitude solar-powered electric aircraft.

In Retirement Mr. Boucher became interested in Ancient Metrology and has made a number of presentations on his findings.

  •  Sigma Xi SW region Research Conference at the University of Texas-Dallas  01/03/2013
  •  American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Western Region Research Conference 05/05/2104
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Western Region Research Conference 06/18/2104

Technical Publications

• “End Effect Losses in Magnetohydrodynamic Generators,” with Dr. D.B. Ames, Journal of Applied Physics, May 1961

• “Satellites for VHF Aeronautical Communications,” IEEE Aerospace Symposium, Seattle, Washington, July 1966

• “VHF Satellite for Maritime Mobile Communications,” RTCM Annual Assembly, May 1967

“Current Satellite Development,” Conference Record, IEEE International Conference on Communications, June 1968